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How long will the session be?

All sessions are different and depends on the models in question. I don't clock watch so as a rough guide

Maternity - 1 hour

Newborn - 3 hours

Family  - 1 hour

Cake Smash 1 hour

Fairies - 30 mins

Mini Sessions - 30 mins


When should I book in?

Most of my clients book their newborn sessions in once they have had their 20 week scan. I dont take newborn bookings before this.

All other sessions are best booked in once you know that you would like me to create your memories for you.


Do you work weekends?

Yes I do but not every weekend as this is valuable family time for my own family.


On your prices do I have to choose a package before my session?

No! All you have to do is pay the session retainer of £49 to secure your session. At your viewing session this is where you will chose which package you would like and any wall art.


How will I know what date my newborn session will be on as I don't know when my baby will arrive?

I pencil your due date in my diary so I have an idea when you baby will arrive. As babies rarely arrive on their due dates, I give you 3 provisional dates around your dd and I only accept a limited number of babies per month. All I ask is that you contact me when your new lil one is here so we can schedule the actual session date.


Are there photo's included in the session fee?

No, unless stated.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes i do!  These work by paying 50% first payment at your viewing session then 2 payments of 25% these are over 3 months.


What happends after the session?

So, after your session i get to work and create a beautiful gallery for you. At your session we will look in a date and time for you to come back and view your finsihed images, so you will leave the shoot knowing when you get to see them which is really exciting! At your viewing and ordering session you will get to view your images and choose your fav ones and how you would like them using the prices for your specific session.


How do I get my images?

Digitals are availbe by download (you MUST save them somewhere safe)

Prints and products will be ready for collection only (you will be notified when ready)


What do I need to do before my session?

Newborn session-

Please dont worry about having to change your routine or feeding. When arriving and settled we will do a mini baby massage taster then its a good idea to undress baby and wrap in thier own blanket and give them a good feed.

The temperature in my studio will be at least 25 degrees Celsius. I do this to keep your (naked) baby warm, snug and sleepy.

Sessions typically last around 3 hours and sometimes longer if your baby is a light sleeper, very alert or hungry. The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottle-feed on and off during the session, so bring extra bottles if you are bottle feeding.

If you are using one, bring a dummy. They call them soothers and pacifiers for a reason, and come in really handy throughout the session.


Before a sitter/family session or a cake smash session-

Make sure our model has a really good nap. We want them rested and full of energy! I will go through everything on the phone with you when you are booking so please have plenty of questions so you know exactly what to do!


Can I have an online gallery to choose my images?

No! sorry been able to come back and view your images in studio is so important as it is part of the experience and so orders can be fulfilled to your every want!


How to view your Mini Session galleries?

Mini sessions are done on mass and the only way to deliver these currently is online, But as galleries often get forgotten about these will be delivered over a zoom call to view your gallery or of course you can come back into the studio. 



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