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When I get a spare 5 mins from work and family life I love to sit down at my dinning room table with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or 2) and reflect on recent memories i've created for so many families. Here's my Boutique's blog where you will find blogs about past sessions, life, moments and information that's important to me and hope some may be you you too.


Much Love Kimi x

By Kimi, May 11 2020 08:30PM

Well it's a funny old time around the world at the moment.... It has affected everyone in someway or another! We have been put on lockdown by the Goverment and most buisnesses have come to a standstill with our lives totally changed.

We're now attempting to home school our own kids and not alowed out to the park.

It hit me hard not being able to work as I was fully booked unitll July but understandably everything got cancelled. I started snapping away at my own children and capturing things that they were getting up to.

I was missing working so much so i did a family fun photo challenge where I asked for people to create their own fun family picture and encouraged to get as creative as possible. Then I made my baby massage classes virtual by running through zoom, the feedback has been incredible, not just 'my baby slept better' but first time Mummy's telling me how valuable the classes have been for their own mental health which was so humbling.

I was keeping my self busy but wanted to do something for others too, to remember this time and hopefully raise some money for our NHS who continue to do such an amazing service to the country. The idea of ‘lockdown portraits’ was perfect. It was something that was already going on in other areas but I just wasnt too sure how it would be percieved, but i am sooo glad i did it.

The rules had to be pretty strict, photographs had to be taken from a distance which meant relying on my long lens, keeping the 2 meter social distancing rule in place. It was VE day so there was bunting up and some had dressed for the ocassion.

Images were shared via digital download meaning no contact on deliveries.

The response was amazing, so many families jumped at the chance to capture the front door photos, I absolutely loved it, plus I met lots of wonderful families too!!

By Kimi, Apr 4 2020 07:00AM

I'm super excited to launch this Family Photo Challenge over Easter, i do hope that you take part and have lots of fun.

Please join in and have fun!

. Be Creative - Use your Imagination

A photo challenge for all the family.

🌟Plan a setting

🌟Make your own backdrop in that perfect place, outside, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, any room!

🌟Create some fun, crazy family moments

🌟Think about what you want to show and snap it.

🌟No filters just real images

🌟 Just phones are perfect no need to big heavy cameras!

Let the kiddies take control take some time out of your busy days and have some fun and laughter, life can be hard and at times like this family is everything 🤍

Capture the moment forever!

🧑🏼‍🎨Be as creative as possible but most importantly please have fun!👨🏻‍🎨

Use it as part of your ‘new’ role as a teacher call it part of the curriculum 🙌🏼 or not!!! lol

How to do the challenge 👇🏻

🤍 Submit 1-3 images

🤍 Post them on your page & Check in at Memory Boutique Photography on the post

(Let your friends know what your doing, so they can join In too)

🤍 Join the fun and have a go!

Pop over to @memoryboutiquephotography to join in make your you give my lil page some love 💓 too!

🗓This challenge will be from 6th April till the 20 April... (covering Easter hols)

🎖The winner will be chosen for the most creative image!

📷 Their image will be printed and framed to keep forever


because family is important the winner will win a mini family photoshoot plus 1 print from the session! So it’s totally free all you need to do is have fun and be creative!

Just wanted to say thank you to my friend Emma at Cover My Bubble for giving me such a fun idea 💡 🤍 when businesses support each other

By Kimi, Apr 3 2020 05:00AM

So how is everyone getting on?

What are you doing with your time?

Have you learnt anything?

So Boris called a shutdown on the UK over a week ago now and people went crazy buying pasta (not the sause) and toliet roll....... doh!

The first week of weather was beautiful, sunny, warm and the kiddies loved been outside, playing and doing school work outside. This week is a little different although right now its sunny its turned chilly.

It's all very surrel what the world is dealing with and I for one feel very lucky to have a house with garden to put the kiddies in when needed and food in the fridge, I know some struggle, I know some have rooms full of toilet roll too!!!!!

I'm struggling not working, I didn't think it would affect me like it is... I miss my clients and babies and doing my sessions and creating beautiful memories for you all.

My husband and I are both self employed and there's no help/support for us but that's for us to worry about, I just hope all this is done soon, so we can get back to socalising!

Home schooling/ Teaching/ Supporting - what ever you want to call it, isnt too bad the kiddies are adapting so well to the situation and I am by no means clever enough to teach them so were just doing what we can! Its not perfect but were trying and I'm getting the sighs! lol and the No's.....

I really do hope that after all this the world learns to realise what is important and hopefully people may change for the better!

Heres a picture of my 2 working hard!!!!

Hope your all keeping safe

Love always Kimi xx

By Kimi, Mar 6 2020 07:05PM

So your expecting.....

And think i'll get some pics done of bump....

Then realise your in your third trimester you have'nt got long and you feel.. well... errrrr...

You may not be able to look down now and see your toes, you may have swollen legs and just want baby out! wether you feel like this or feel like you can take on the world now is the time to capture the amazing job you are doing at growing a tiny human!

Let me take control and make you feel and look like a godess! Its my job to make you feel happy and relaxed in the studio and of course have lots of fun. Sessions are laid back and we do have alot of fun.

Have your hair and make-up done and ill sort the rest.

My sessions are laid back and fun to get the very best out of you! My aim with my maternity sessions are to help you feel empowered and like a queen. I mean your growing a tiny human YOU ROCK!

I have lots of beautiful dresses, materials, and everything else in-between! Sessions are around an hour and are FREE!

Send me a message and i will happily go through your ideas and what you want and lets create some

rather special, beautiful and amazing images together for you.

Love Always Kimi x

clitheroe photographer lancashire
clitheroe photographer lancashire

By Kimi, Feb 19 2020 10:00PM

So I wanted to share a little insight into my working week.

My week starts on the Sunday night rushing roungd the house like a crazy woman trying to find the kids uniform, check where their school shoes and bags are and those blasted ties! Usually whilst the boy has his head in a gadget playing football and the girl is hidden behind a closed door in her bedroom! yes teenage life is well and truely on the way.

So when all is found i usually wonder back up the hall to the lounge and sit down to then remeber the kitchens still a mess so up we get to clean up put and put the dishwasher on, Oh and make some fresh pancake mixture as the boy likes these fo his breckfast daily.

Once all is done around 9pm ish its time to do the bedtime routine and i use routine lightly as its normaly around 10.30pm!!!! please dont judge. Infact its 10pm now mid week and the boys snuggled up in bed with me whist were waiting for Daddy to get home from football. Somewhere in there most nights I run myself a hot blubbly bath and literally do all my social media for the day in it!!!!

Most mornings I try and get up a do a 20/30 min workout in the lounge then wake the kids up etc etc.... boot them out the door with Daddy at 8.20am. Daddy does the school run every day and picks the kiddies up most days too.

I shoot Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesdays I teach Baby Massage and Sensory Classes so the afternoon is cleaning the studio and sorting out any paperwork, editing, replying to clients etc. Thursdays is a full day of cleaning the house all washing (including bedding) done and put away and the inbetween admin and editing too. I try and keep to just 2 shoots a week but most of the time it averages out at 3/4.

There's alot of unseen time that goes into planning all my different sessions, doing them and all the after care too that goes into it. On average your 1/2 hour session has actually taken at least 10hours plus of time.

I love what I do all the planning and creating beauiful art works for families walls and of course my classes. All are very special and unique to the Memory Boutique look.

I try and make sure my working day is done for when the kddies get home from school, to do home work which most of the time takes forever as they don't want to do it followed by making dinner!

Does anyone else struggle with homework? I'm all for reading but really not into homework.

By Kimi, Feb 12 2020 04:00AM

I loved having a 4d scan of Georgia, we still have the images now in a book from 11 years ago. We were actually looking through Georgia's baby book the other day with Freddie and he said 'wheres me' much to our embarrassment we didnt have a 4d scan done of him!!!! explaing why we didnt was not fun!

Anyways did you know that their is a new 4d scanning business opened in Padiham. I have had the pleasure of going to have a lil look and even better were teaming up to offer both our clients some amazing offers. Within my Maternity photography packages. We are based very close to each other as I am based in Clitheroe and Vicky at Instascan is in Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire.

Instasca4dbaby has a unique advantage that they do advanced diagnostic ultrasounds by qualified, UK trained obsteric sonographers with years of experience working within the NHS. DBS checked staff that work within the NHS. This shows that your unborn baby is safe in thier hands!

At Insta-Scan 4D baby they perform 2D, 3D and 4D baby scans in a safe and clinical environment. They even have a flower wall you can have your piccies taken infront of if you wish with your scan!

You can get a Free Gender reveal from 14 weeks with any scan package.

What they offer:

- Presentation, Doppler and Growth scans with estimated fetal weight.

- Early pregnancy scans

- See Baby's heart beat from 6 weeks

Pop over to instascan4dbaby to get booked in! Go see your baby!

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